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How to join us

There are many ways you can support us and become part of our community:

  • Support one or more of our projects with a donation.

  • Share your WhatsApp number, email address, and home address with us to stay in touch and receive the latest updates on our projects. Your privacy will always be respected and protected.

  • Tell your friends and acquaintances about SOS Terzo Mondo. If you wish, we can send you our magazines for free so you can learn more about our initiatives.

  • Organize dedicated events where you can promote our initiatives. If you'd like, we'd be happy to attend in person to present SOS Terzo Mondo to your contacts.

  • If you live in Italy, allocate your 5x1000 to SOS Terzo Mondo and contribute directly to the realization of our projects.

Receive constant updates on the work carried out by the local communities we support, to stay connected to the heart of our activities.

Thank you for being a supporter of SOS Terzo Mondo!

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